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12/16/05 10:58 pm

11/30/05 11:25 am

"If you as a member of the bureaucracy do not participate in a decision, you are not going to carry that decision out with the alacrity, the efficiency and the effectiveness you would if you have participated. When you cut the bureaucracy out of your decisions and then foist your decisions, more or less out of the blue, on that bureaucracy, you can’t expect that bureaucracy to carry your decision out very well. And furthermore, if you’re not prepared to stop the feuding elements in that bureaucracy as they carry out your decision, you’re courting disaster."

11/4/05 11:10 am

Mayor: Cut Thumbs Off Graffiti Artists

I like the way this guy thinks. He's a good egg.

10/27/05 06:21 pm

Over a month ago, I registered ljclassics, just for the hell of it. I quickly forgot about it, and left it to die like all the other bad community ideas and one-joke troll accounts I've had.

Then today, lima_pcp mentioned that there should be a community like debate_classics for politicsforum, and I realized I may as well try to put it to good use.

So ljclassics is now open for business. I predict a stillbirth.

10/24/05 08:23 am

On Thursday, I posted about the Geneva Conventions and whether or not they need to be updated to handle modern conflicts. I posted the same questions to liberal and conservatism, and not surprisingly, I didn't receive a single insightful response to my second question.

Also, I posted about fat people in debate. I made a funny.

This morning, this made me laugh. It came on the heels of this priceless exchange from yesterday.

10/11/05 02:00 pm

I've had this journal for over four years now, and I have very little in it as far as actual content goes. For the most part, I use this journal to post and comment in various communities. So I've decided that I may as well start reproducing many of my community posts here in my journal. Since I dislike seeing the same posts repeatedly on my friends list, and many of you are in the same communities as I'm in, I'll spare you the double posting by linking to the original community entry.

Of course, I'll probably do this for a week or so, then get lazy and stop. Oh well.

Posted today in conservatism:

My tinfoil hat rant on the reaction to the Harriet Miers nomination.

10/4/05 10:35 am

Here in Virginia, we'll be electing a new Governor this November. The current Governor, Democrat Mark Warner, will leave office with a very high approval rating (around 75% right now), and will likely explore a bid for the Presidency in 2008. It seems his popularity stems from the fact that he came out our recent budget fight looking better than both the Democrats and the Republicans in the state assembly, and he managed not to fuck anything else up either. Even I can't find too many bad things to say about him.

The three main boobs who are running to replace him are Republican attorney general Jerry Kilgore, Democrat lt. Governor Tim Kaine, and worst of all, Republican turned Independent state senator Russ Potts, who lives in the same town as I do. Potts is a scumbag who has no chance of carrying his own hometown, much less a significant portion of the state vote. Kilgore has had a consistent lead over Kaine in the polls for some time now, and that probably won't change.

The election isn't what's got me pissed off, but the campaign commercials have highlighted an issue that pisses me off. That issue is education spending. Here in the US, we spend far too much on education. We get some of the worst results, for our money, in the industrialized world. Yet the consensus solution for decades has been to throw more money at the problem. Politically, it's safer for a politician in this country to cheat on his/her spouse than it is to propose a cut in education spending, or worse, publically state that education is overfunded.

Which brings me to the commercials. Tim Kaine has a clever little commercial that shows a cute lil cake being cut up. With each slice, a voice proclaims that Jerry Kilgore wants to cut this and slash that from the education budget. The first time I saw this commercial, it nearly convinced me to vote for Kilgore, based on that alone. Until Kilgore shot back with a commercial of his own. Rather than have the balls to state that education is overfunded in this state, and making a point that throwing money at the problem has not solved anything for years, he drops the ball and just states that Kaine's record on education isn't too hot either. It represents everything that disgusts me about politics.

Why is it that mainstream politicians feel the need to avoid the real issue when the answer isn't politically correct? Why is it that anyone who does come up with a real solution is some third party whacko with no chance to actually win? Don't answer these questions, because I already know the answer.

Now I can go back to my regularly scheduled not posting for months.

9/7/05 05:38 pm

I need a new icon. It's time for the conehead kid to retire.

7/23/05 09:58 pm

OMG!! There's a ghost in the John Brown Wax Museum!!!

We went to Harper's Ferry today, obviously, and walked through the wax museum and up to Jefferson Rock. I tried explaining the concept of slavery to Megan, but she was very disturbed by it, and ended the conversation. Erica wasn't feeling well, so we didn't stay as long as I would have liked. More pictures are here, in Erica's journal.

I really should update this more with mundane details of my life.

7/20/05 10:54 pm

Lil Jimmy & Me!

My side was edited out, as I'm not a masochist.Collapse )

Holy fuck, those pictures are much bigger than I thought.
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